Men’s John Hammond Jurassic Park Costume

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He Spared No ExpenseJohn Hammond loves his grandkids. There’s no doubt about that. He’s accomplished some amazing things, just to show Tim and Lex the wonders of the world. He even dabbled in genetic engineering to create the first dinosaurs seen in millions of years. And expensive ice cream (don’t forget that). That’s one dedicated grandpa!What lengths would you go to in order to become the greatest grandpa? Perhaps you wouldn’t think twice to splice frog DNA with dino DNA to create modernized versions of the prehistoric creatures. Maybe you’d fly expert paleontologists out to an isolated island off the coast of Costa Rica to see the dinosaurs in action! Maybe, just maybe, those dinosaurs won’t escape and cause some kind of crazy incident… or you could just wear this John Hammond Jurassic Park Costume instead!Design & DetailsYou don’t have to “spare no expense” to be John Hammond. Wear this officially licensed John Hammond Costume. The outfit is an affordable way to transform into the owner and creator of Jurassic Park. The costume comes with a button-up shirt comes with 2 chest pockets in front and a collar around the neck. It also comes with a pair of costume pants, which have elastic in the waist. The fedora-style hat comes with a cream band around the crown and the mustache and beard combo fits on your face with elastic. No beard growing necessary! Put it all together and you’ll be ready to guide anyone through Jurassic Park!Dino Park TipsWe do have a few recommendations if you end up creating your own dinosaur theme park after slipping into this outfit! Make sure you double down on fence security, and hire a reputable team of programmers instead of Dennis Nedry.

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