Men’s Kentucky Derby Jockey Costume

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What’s in a Name?Ooh boy, did we get distracted when we were researching The Kentucky Derby for this Made By Us Jockey costume! Racehorses have some seriously hilarious and distracting names! Some of them are not safe for work, so we won’t name them here but we had a great time cracking up. There was a thoroughbred in 1998 named Nosupforyou, perfect for the height of Seinfeld obsession! Then there was Brangelina in 2005, Whatamichoppedliver in the 70s, and Thatswhatshesaid in 2007. It got us thinking, wouldn’t it be fun to have a reason to give all of our friends racehorse names? That’s just one way to have a great time when you’re rocking this jockey costume!Product DetailsYou’ll feel ready to ride as soon as you slip this jockey costume on! Made By Us, it was designed by our in-house creative team for some serious Kentucky Derby fun. It features a fitted bright blue and orange jersey that zips up the back and has a band with the number 10 printed on the sleeve. Boots covers that can loop over a pair of black dress shoes layer over the fitted bright white pants. a helmet with a small brim, and goggles complete the look.

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