Men’s Lionheart Knight Costume

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A Knight’s DutyBeing a knight is a big responsibility. It’s not all just lounging around at the round table and counting up your riches. You have to lead the troops in battle when invading armies storm the castle. You have to make big decisions that affect the whole realm. You also need to ward off evil creatures, like dragons, liches, and goblins. If you’re planning on taking on the title of knight, then you’d better be wise, determined, and skilled in the art of warfare. Also, you’d better have an outfit that’s worthy of a brave knight! If you can take care of all those abstract qualities, we can help you out with the costume!Design & DetailsThis Lionheart Knight Costume will transform you into a beacon of hope for the kingdom! The Made By Us design takes inspiration from classic depictions of knights and blends it with a modern sensibility that will have you ready to defend the realm. The costume begins with a knit tunic that has metallic details to make it resemble chain mail. It has a button and loop at the back of the neck. The foam-backed chest armor has a printed lion on the front. It has hook & loop fastener along the right side, so you can change into it with ease. The red cape fits overhead and has a medallion on the shoulder. The foam-backed gauntlets look like real metal to make you look battle-ready. To finish it all off, this costume comes with a faux leather belt. Put it all together and you can serve the realm with honor and style!Arm ThyselfThink you’re ready to battle dragons and lead armies? Then this Renaissance-inspired costume is ready to transform you into the bravest knight in the kingdom! Just make sure you pair it up with one of our sword accessories to help you slay any foe who threatens your kingdom.

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