Men’s Magician Costume Deluxe

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Tricks of the TradeBob’s show is a real sight to see. Once people see his show, they always come back for more, bringing all sorts of people with them. But as amazing as it is to see what happens on stage, you should see what he gets away with in his day-to-day. For instance, he’ll go to a movie theater empty handed but as soon as he sits in his seat he waves his hands and he’ll have a bottle pop and a container of fried chicken. Annoying for everyone else, super convenient for Bob. And speaking of annoying for everyone else, never invite Bob to take one of your Girl Scout cookies. He’ll make it look like he only took one but when you look again a whole sleeve of your thin mints will be gone. Bob might be talented but he sure is rude. He might not get away with it but he always looks so dapper!Details & DesignOur in-house designers decided that it was time that magicians got an upgrade. This Made by Us magician costume features a red and black suit that has everything to make you feel smooth. The double buttoned vest matches the black and red dress pants. And of course, it wouldn’t be a magicians ensemble without a set of coattails. The lush cape really shows off the upgrade we’ve given this classic costume. It has a scatter pattern of cards set on a beautiful red background to make an impression when you make your entrance to a room via door or puff of smoke. In it For the BunnyThere are a lot of reasons to become a magician. Some do it for the wonder in people’s eyes, others do it for the prestige. And some magicians just want to work more closely with mysterious bunnies. No matter your reason, make sure you’ve got all your bases covered when you accessorize with white gloves and a top hat!

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