Men’s Mister Rogers Sweater Costume

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Cozy in the NeighborhoodMister Rogers knew how to keep things cozy! Remember what his house looked like? He had that warm little entryway with that rustic bench next to it. And that plaid couch? It just looked so comfortable! He’s take off his dress shoes and put on some sneakers to make sure he was ready to relax for the day. But, of course, the real reason that he had that warm and comfortable vibe… well, it had to be those sweaters that he always wore! Each episode, he’d wear a nice cardigan as he taught us all about important life lessons. If only there were a way for you to keep comfortable, just like him…Fun DetailsWait a second! Now you can be cozy, just like him! With this Mister Rogers Men’s Sweater is a cardigan style sweater that’s made out of soft acrylic. The sweater fits with a zipper down the front and it even has “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” embroidered onto the front of the sweater. Just wear it with your dress shirt and a tie to cosplay as the famous children’s show character, or wear it to keep warm when you come home from work.

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