Men’s Monster Slayer Costume

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Upgraded GearGone are the days of your tattered linen shirts, hide bracers, and a blunt wooden sword. Gone are the days of pausing mid-battle to save your progress, wasting half your potions just to survive, and spending all your stamina whacking baddies with a dull blade. Gone are the days of trying over and over to no avail, only to lower the difficulty when that Griffen just won’t go down.No, now are the days for hope! Because we rejoiced when we opened our chest yesterday to find these strong and sleek new digs for you. In them, we’re sure you’ll confidently slay any beast in your way.Design & DetailsSpecifically, we have this Men’s Monster Slayer Costume for you. We’ll take your linen shirt and hide braces off your hands and out of your cluttered inventory — don’t worry. You’ll want to wear it all to get the full XP bonus: the sleeveless tunic, faux leather belt, and wrist cuffs all embossed to resemble a covering with metal rivets. (In truth, it’s mostly nylon and spandex, but no one will be able to tell.) Onward!So you’re all equipped for the next, most difficult stage of your adventure yet! Where will you go? Will you confront that monstrous Griffen that has been ravaging livestock and snatch the bounty on its head? Will you go riding the countryside with a newfound appreciation for its beauty, knowing you’re well protected? Or will you stroll into the office costume party with the confidence of a fantastical bounty hunter? Whatever it is, we’re excited for you!

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