Mens Opposuits Money Costume Suit

629,00 kr.

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Do you know what kind of people say that money can’t buy happiness? They’re the kind of people who have never jumped a gold plated monster truck over a pile of flaming Lamborghinis. They’re the kind of people who have never paid the Smithsonian a nominal fee to take The Spirit of St. Louis out for a few hours to practice their barrel rolls. They’re the kind of people who can’t afford to feed their cat an exclusive diet of beluga caviar and rare, endangered coelacanth fish meat. They pretend they know the secret of happiness, but they’re just fooling themselves. It’s money that makes the world go ’round. Of course, we enjoy the finer things. Our wallet is so thick that our chiropractor told us to carry it separately in a suitcase, and it doesn’t have one credit card in it, either. We once searched our couch cushions for spare change and walked away with a cool $5 million. We bought our fiancée such a big engagement ring that she hasn’t been able to lift her left arm ever since we got engaged. Are you like us? Maybe — but you’re missing something important… …it’s our Opposuits Money Suit! Everyone knows that when you’re flush with cash, it will only do to prove it in suit form. This suit’s jacket is fully lined for maximum quality, its pants have front and back pockets for holding obscene amounts of cash, and it’s printed throughout with big, beautiful Benjamins. (If the government ever issues a bigger bill, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll learn about it from our Opposuits Money Suit first.) Tailored with ease, you’ll look like a million bucks sporting this classy, slim-fit, handsome article of men’s fashion.

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