Men’s OppoSuits Stars and Stripes Costume Suit

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You’ve finally received it: your special invitation to the American Flag Fan Club’s annual banquet. You’ve been a faithful member for years, diligently reading every issue of the club’s Flag Waver magazine. You have an American flag in every room of your house, plus one in your front yard and one in your backyard. You can recite every change the flag has ever been through, and exactly what each detail represents. But despite years of hopeful anticipation, you’ve never received an invitation to the prestigious and exclusive banquet… until this year. This year, the club heard about your in-depth presentation on how the American flag influenced the provisional flag of the Republic of Brazil, and the head flag wavers were very impressed. Finally, you have a chance to attend the ritzy banquet and rub elbows with all the other important flag lovers! You may even get to meet President Betsy “Ross” Flagington. You know you’ve got to make a good impression if you ever hope to rise through the ranks and someday became part of the amazing club’s leadership team.With stakes this high, you’ve got to make sure your outfit is up to the task-which is why you’d be crazy to attend the banquet in anything besides this Men’s OppoSuits Stars and Stripes Suit. The 100% polyester suit includes a blue suit jacket covered in white stars, red slacks, and a red-and-white striped tie. Now, when you walk through the door in this suit, people will be standing and saluting you!

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