Men’s Plus Size Banana Costume Hoodie

283,00 kr.

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This costume is bananas! B – A – N – A – N – A – S! (Also, if you don’t spell and or sing out the letters of “banana” every time you write it, you are a liar) You are sure to be the most a-peel-ing person at any event in this Plus Size Adult Banana Hoodie! When you sing The Name Game aka The Banana Song while wearing this Plus Size Adult Banana Hoodie, you enter a special dimension where your clothing matches your entertainment. It’s rare and beautiful. Just make sure you don’t stumble across a hungry gorilla, or your night is sure to get very, very interesting… Pair this costume with other fruit and vegetable costumes, or with a gorilla costume – please make sure it is a costume and not the real thing because, as we previously mentioned, things could get messy – to make the most of any Halloween party. Wherever you go, people are going to notice you and your costume, they may even let out a few laughs as they sing out “bananas” in their heads as well. While this is a plus size option, you can get it in a wide range of sizes, from teen to adult, as well. This Banana Hoodie is a cotton and polyester blend sweatshirt with a separating zipper at front. The sweatshirt portion has a rib knit waistband and cuffs, with additional kangaroo pockets. The hood is durable and foam backed, while still keeping its iconic has banana shape and coloring.

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