Men’s Plus Size Black Zoot Suit Costume

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Every young man dreams of making his own way in this world, pulling himself up by his bootstraps and doing something of importance. Back in the 1920s, that meant looking sharp and finding ways to get around the legal system to run booze and other odds and ends to consumers.It may have been less-than-legal at the time, but many men made a decent living doing it and many of them had impeccable style, so we can’t fault them completely! Ok, so maybe participating in illegal activities wasn’t totally cool, but it was mysterious and attracting – that on top of their sharp suits were tough to resist!Boy, don’t you look sharp! You will look spiffy in this cool Plus Size Zoot Suit Costume. You’ll look like a true gangster from the 1920s. The attached suspenders complete the whole retro look. This dapper gangster costume starts with the polyester poplin black jacket that has white pinstripes. The jacket’s wide lapels and center-front buttons make for a detailed look. Not to mention the knee-length jacket makes quite the statement when you walk into any room. The pinstriped pants have an elastic back waistband with attached elastic suspenders for a comfortable fit that’s ready for the dance floor! We also have a ton of sizes, so you’re sure to find one that will fit you perfectly this Make a great couples’ costume with this suit by pairing it with a flapper costume.

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