Men’s Plus Size Deluxe Zeus Costume

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Thunder over Mount Olympus Who would win in a battle between Zeus, the King of the Olympian gods, and Thor, the Norse god of thunder? It would certainly be an epic fight, but we’d have to bet on Zeus every time. He’s supposedly responsible for pinning a ferocious, dragonesque monster beneath a mountain, creating the first volcano. Anyone who’s capable of unleashing a river of lava from a rock is someone not to be messed with. Plus, although Thor has a cool hammer, Zeus can throw literal lightning bolts. Case closed. Product DetailsLook like a legend come to life in this exclusive Plus Size Deluxe Zeus Men’s Costume! The Nine Muses will sing your praises when you wear the impressive gold-sequined top with its attached sheer white drape. A gold-tone belt fastens around your waist and the long, tunic-like skirt is decorated with printed golden lightning bolts. The pair of golden gauntlets slides easily over your wrists and are stitched with lightning bolt outlines. The bolt-shaped clip can be used to hold back your venerable white locks. The Party God ArrivethAncient myths and legends all asserted that Zeus was the god of hospitality. Having him show up to a party would have been a real honor! Accept all acclaim as your due when you go to this year’s Halloween party and shower your mortal friends with favor. Feel free to encourage offerings, although you might want to make it clear that you prefer appetizers and delicious drinks to the blood of goats and sheep. Times have changed.

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