Men’s Plus Size Dr. Facilier Costume

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All Too EasyThere’s a reason that “too good to be true” has become a popular phrase in our vocabulary. There’s probably a catch when it seems like you’re going to get something really good for little cost or effort. That’s definitely the case when it comes to dealing with Disney’s Dr. Facilier!He usually finds some way to technically fulfill whatever promise he’s making while using the situation to his advantage. Unfortunately, Prince Naveen and Lawrence try to take the easy way out of their problems and get tricked by the Shadow Man. But, in the end, Dr. Facilier learns that his own deal might have been too good to be true!Design & DetailsWe created this Plus Size Dr. Facilier Costume so you can look like the villainous character from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. It was designed and Made By Us from high-quality material, so you can rest assured that it really is a good deal with no tricks involved, unlike Dr. Facilier’s agreements!The jacket and pants are made with gorgeous purple velvet, and the vest is a lighter, complementary purple. To add some authentic detail to the costume, we included spats and a bone necklace just like the ones the character wears in the movie. The hat’s finishing touch is complete with feather and red trim that matches the satin cummerbund. We think you’ll feel powerful in this costume, but please be careful about who you make deals with!

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