Men’s Plus Size Drill Sergeant Costume

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Do you have an unusually loud voice? Do you enjoy shouting for no dang good reason at all? Do you really want to bark orders at the top of your lungs, but work in a profession that just doesn’t allow it? Well then, perhaps it’s time you tried being a drill sergeant for a while!Normally, it would take years of military training and a dedication to Army tradition to earn you the role of a drill instructor. It’s not something that you can just fill out an application for and waltz into. The good news is that with this exclusive costume, you can give it that new career a try at your next costume party without having to commit to military service.Based on the uniform from the Army, this military-style drill sergeant costume is a plus size outfit designed to make you look like an intimidating figure, ready to shout some commands at the cadets. The costume includes a top, a pair of pants and even a campaign trooper hat. Of course, the entire outfit is covered in a camouflage pattern that will whip any lazy no-good maggots into shape with just a single glance.Make sure to practice your best “ATTENTION!” and other such growling commands, since you’ll be ready to make those lazy cadets do a million pushups when you suit up in this classic costume. Accessorize it with a pair of our black combat boots and be sure to take it easy on those lowly cadets!

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