Men’s Plus Size First Pilgrim Costume

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A Purely Puritan PartyThere are a ton of different Thanksgiving traditions every year. Obviously, there’s the turkey. The family gathering. There’s the traditional Puritan attire and Thanksgiving carols that you sing before the football game. Wait, what!? You don’t have Thanksgiving anthems? And you can wear whatever you like? Well, that sounds pretty nice and comfortable, but we’re not sure that you’re giving the holiday all that it can muster. Maybe it’s time to up your game! Imagine if the next time you set up a social gathering, you appear wearing the looks of the proud and pure. You remember the illustrations of folks appearing in the New World, fresh from the boat, faces full of hope for what the place that would be known as America might become. Yep, we’re talking head-to-toe pilgrim looks! Heck, you don’t even need to wait for Thanksgiving. Test it out for Halloween. Try it on for a casual dinner party! Design & DetailsIt is time to deck the halls with orange and brown while you deck yourself out in this First Pilgrim costume. This is a Made by Us design that our team of in-house designers created inspired by the look of the first colonists to the Americas. The look includes a pair of cropped pants with the futuristic inclusion of an elastic waist. (Don’t tell the Pilgrims!) The jacket fastens in the front with buttons and the belt cinches everything together with hook and loops in the back. The hat tops off the look with a faux leather band and a wire brim to keep its shape. Frontier FestivitiesIt’s time to make the Thanksgiving season perfect for every day of the year. Christmas keeps trying to take over, so let’s push winter back and keep it fall forever with this First Pilgrim costume! (Okay, maybe you can still wear shorts in the summer.)

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