Men’s Plus Size Red Day of the Dead Costume

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Classy and scary are two different looks that are tough to pull off on their own… don’t get us started on trying to pull them off together! You could go with the classic Count costume or the less classic billionaire spider… even with a bow tie and multiple monocles, a spider is still terrifying. However, we would suggest you get your hands on this Men’s Day of the Dead Costume!This blood-red faux suede jacket and the matching pants have a ton of class! Worry not, though, this costume is just as frightening as it is formal. You’ll look like a menacing messenger from a supernatural realm that is walking the earth solely to relay messages to the living from the dead. The decorative webbing patterns on the jacket and pants combined with the roses pinned to the lapel and top hat are hauntingly beautiful. When others see you they won’t know if they’re dreaming or about to enter a terrifying nightmare! A sugar skull makeover will complete this Day of the Dead Costume. You’ll be the perfect combination of spooky and sweet. This sinister and charming look will make you the life of any party, whether you celebrate Halloween for a night or take part in the three-day celebration of Dia de Los Muertos.For however long you decide to commemorate the dead with this costume make sure to uphold the traditions of the Mexican holiday. Focus on the friends and the family you have in your life and those that have moved on to their spiritual journey. Honor the dead by living life to the fullest this Halloween with this Day of the Dead Costume!

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