Men’s Plus Size Renaissance Costume Coat

314,00 kr.

Til butik


Top historians from all over the world, even the ones who are total ninnies, can all agree to at least one fundamental academic principle: that knights are totally the coolest guys ever, even cooler than ninjas, pirates, and zombies combined. You have your Knights of Columbus, champions of charity and fundraising barbecues across the country. You have your Dark Knight, proof that the greatest superpower is money. And you have your Knights of the Round Table, saving damsels and calculating the airspeed velocity of unladen swallows around the clock.Do you have what it takes to be a knight? To wake up at the crack of dawn to practice your, horsemanship, chivalry, and head-chopping-off skills? Do you have the gumption to hunt down heretics the world over? Do you have the decency to die face down in the muck because you can’t get up thanks to the 150 pounds of plate armor you’re wearing?If you’re anything like us, definitely not. Doesn’t matter though, because all you need to live the chivalrous lifestyle nowadays is our Renaissance Coat. With this matching coat, belt, and pair of gauntlets you’ll have your look all set for any pageant, party, or role-playing event your quest can throw at you. Knaves will cower in terror as your triumphant shadow casts over them. You won’t be able to even keep track of the damsels wooed by your presence, and maybe a few crones too. It’s that potent!

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