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Belly up to the Bar The Wild West is a lawless place, and that includes its watering holes. Step through a saloon’s swinging doors and you’ll find a motley crew of cowboys, lawmen, outlaws, entertainers, and outright thieves. The one person keeping the whole place from collapsing into chaos is the saloon keeper himself. He keeps his cool through fistfights and brawls, calmly throws out any troublemaking drunks, and serves up the best drinks this side of civilization. Who wants another? Product DetailsServe shots and stay suave in this Plus Size Men’s Saloon Keeper Costume! The costume top features long white sleeves trimmed with black detail to match the thin black tie that’s attached to the collar. Shiny vest panels printed with thin red and black stripes and decorated with silver-tone rivets are sewn to the front and back. A long white apron is attached to the top’s hemline and ties behind your waist. Wear it with a pair of pants that will hide any accidental spills. This Round’s on the House One of the best features of this costume is that it can help you to actually be the sort of person you’re impersonating, if you catch our drift. Putting on a uniform won’t give you a police officer’s skills, and wearing an orange onesie won’t get you locked up (we hope), but if you dress like a saloon keeper, you’ve got the perfect excuse to brush up on your drink-mixing skills. Even if your signature beverage is opening a can of soda and pouring it into a glass, it’ll still look far more impressive thanks to your outfit. Cheers!

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