Men’s Plus Size Snow White The Prince Costume

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A Prince TodayWe sometimes wonder what the Prince might do in these modern days. How would the story of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs change if the Prince had a few tricks up his sleeve? Would the Prince still swoop in on his trusty steed to save his true love? Maybe he wouldn’t be on horseback, but he’d definitely still traverse a dangerous forest to dispel an evil enchantment on Disney’s Snow White. (GPS and modern technology would definitely make finding the dwarfs cottage much easier.)One thing that wouldn’t change is just how dapper the Prince’s outfit is! His royal attire is still the golden standard for any dashing prince and now, you can dress just like him when you wear this Disney’s Snow White Prince Costume.Design & DetailsThis fully-licensed Disney Snow White Prince costume looks like it’s straight out of the classic cartoon! It features a blue tunic with a white shirt underneath. Fitted pants layered underneath boot covers, which work well with your favorite pair of shoes. The red cape straps over your whole chest, keeping it in place throughout your adventures. You might be a prince in the modern era, but dressing up as a prince is still the ultimate way to feel like a hero.

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