Men’s Plus Size Willy Wonka Plus Size Oompa Loompa Costume

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I Love My JobWorking at a factory has never been cooler. Once you punch in, it’s time to play! You can head on up to the fudge conveyor to see what kind of flavors are on the schedule (the best day is the one when you make Marshmallow Surprise), or you can sneak into the experiment room to see what kind of wacky and wonderful weirdness Wonka is cooking up. And if all else fails, you can always do quality control on the chocolate river. Product DetailsIs the chocolate factory hiring? This officially licensed, exclusive Adult Willy Wonka Plus Size Oompa Loompa Costume will help you to fit right in! The polyester jersey knit and fleece jumpsuit fastens up the back and is designed to look like a chocolate brown shirt underneath a pair of high-waisted white pants and criss-crossed suspenders. Two buttons decorate the waistline. The striped leg warmers stay in place thanks to elastic bands and match the brown and white trim on the collar and sleeve cuffs. The Candy Man Can Wonka is a genius, but he couldn’t do it without you! The chocolate factory relies on your inventiveness, attention to detail, and enthusiasm for creating completely unique treats. Oh, and the fact that you’re happy to come up with little moralizing song and dance numbers for when the next tour of bratty children comes through to mess up the place is also a huge plus. No wonder you’ve been the Employee of the Week so many times in a row.

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