Men’s Police Shirt Costume

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Fuzzy on the FuzzJust think of cops for a second. This is usually the part where the heavy music starts playing, red and blue lights start strobing, and a group of cops swagger toward the screen slow-mo style flanked by some really sweet muscle cars.Alright, so our expectations of cops may have been slightly influenced by movies and TV. Maybe significantly. But that’s what makes roleplaying as a TV Cop so much fun. We can pretend to be bad-ass cowboys who dish out the law and have season-long romantic tension with our co-stars. We realize that rarely do cops face off with assassins or super soldiers, use cars to blow up helicopters, or deal with government conspiracies. But, so what? We still think they’re pretty awesome for serving the law and doing what they can. So whether they’re barefoot at Christmas time, a robot-cop hybrid, or pregnant and looking for a serial killer, cops make a pretty awesome character to become.Product DetailsWe love dressing up as cops! Sure, we may not have a killer ride, the right hat, a K-9 unit to sniff out contraband, or an official badge, but that won’t ruin the outfit. All we need is a solid start, like this Police Shirt. It’s 100 percent polyester long-sleeved button-up. There are faux pocket flaps and a badge sewn on the front and onto the shoulder. It’s perfect for parties or dressing up as the Village People. You’ll be ready to hit the streets in no time! But not really. Because you’re not trained or anything. But you can look cool!Create A Cop!Once you gear up with this simple costume, you’ll instantly be leaping into a police procedural episode of your own. Combine your look in a group costume with others and you’ll be able to write an epic story. Who knows? This time next year, you might be dressing up as a movie star cop!

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