Men’s Red Christmas Costume Suit

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Ho, ho, ho, bro! We all know what Christmas is really about–gifts (and eggnog)! Are you what you would like to see get unwrapped on Christmas eve? Maybe let your significant other know that you’re the real present this holiday with this Red Christmas Suit. Or, you know, you may want to take a more…humble…approach to this look (please), and let it stand out at your office holiday party–talk about dressing Business Claus-ual. This Opposuits original design is bedecked with a bold, wrapping paper-esque print of snowmen, reindeer, Christmas trees, holly, stars, and snowflakes–basically a holiday bonanza right on your body! Sure, it could be a little “out of the box;” but it could also be a whole ton of Christmas fun…depending on how you unwrap the situation. See what we did there? Whatever you do with it, however you flaunt it, this suit says to fellow party guests, “My presence is a present to all I meet,” but, you know, not in an arrogant way. You look confident and charming, with this matching jacket, slim-fitting pants, and tie tout your unwavering holiday cheer without your needing to sing a single carol. Anyone can throw on an ugly knit sweater and claim Christmas spirit, but only a true believer–in himself and in Christmas–can pull off such a, well, red look. Even Rudolph himself will be asking you for styling tips! And as for your significant other? They’re likely to begin wishing that every day was Christmas!

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