Men’s Roger Rabbit Costume

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No Dip for You! Pretty much everything is awesome when it comes to being a living cartoon character. First, you’re totally welcome to come out of Toon Town whenever you want. Just about everyone loves you. You’ve totally earned your epic star status, after all. You’re great fun at all the parties. Not only do you have a ton of crazy funny jokes but you have so many tricks up your sleeve (or down your pants) that you’re a guaranteed riot every time. But, there has always been one major problem that no Toon character could get around. One thing that makes every party lose just a bit of its color. One terrible fact that prevents a Toon from truly living their very best life. That, of course, is that they simply cannot enjoy all of the snacks. It’s guaranteed that every party is going to bring a platter of delicious chips as well as some glorious home-made concoction to elevate a chip to the next level. Naturally, everyone knows… The Dip is the only thing that can kill a Toon! It’s just a tragedy. Product DetailsAt least it was. With our handy dandy real-world inspired Roger Rabbit costume, you can now live your cartoon life to the fullest! No longer do you need to tug on your ears in torment while watching your human friends snack on salsa, melted cheese, or even spicy buffalo chip dip. With this jumpsuit, featuring your usual red pants, white shirt, and giant bow tie, you’ll look just like normal. But, the big ear headband, rabbit shoe covers, and elastic nose all work together to bring you from Toon Town into the flesh! All in Fleshy FunWhen you wear this Roger Rabbit costume, just remember that you’re not a regular cartoon character anymore. You’re just like a regular human who happens to look like the classic character from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. So, you’ll be able to enjoy every bit of the dip at the parties… but no more life-endangering jokes just to entertain!

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