Men’s Royal Guard Costume

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Til butik


Have you ever dreamt of a life in a palace? Imagine seeing the fanciest people of a country doing everyday things. Say, for instance, one of those ladies with a strange state of the art hat and the poshest of accents asking you where she could find one of the seventy-eight bathrooms in Buckingham Palace’s vast halls. Or wouldn’t it be wonderful to be going about your day when you’re suddenly greeted by all ten of the Queen’s happy corgis? *Sigh* we can only dream!We’re sure there are plenty of jobs in the palace. There are probably people whose only job is to clean the many Victorian era chandeliers. One of the most important and epically visible jobs someone can have at Buckingham Palace is the job of the Royal Guard. These guys have it hard, it might not seem difficult to stand at attention for hours at a time but just think about it for a minute. For one, these fellows are wrapped in layers of wool designed to keep anyone from sweating through them, AKA: the opposite of breathable fabric for hot summer days. On a related note, if they have drunk a lot of water in preparation they have to stand there in front of tourists just waiting for the fanciful changing of the guard no matter how much pressure they’re feeling in their bladders. While we’re sure it wouldn’t be easy we’re also sure it would be an epic gig.You don’t have to stand sweating all day to become as classic as the royal guard in this dashing costume. While you’re looking smart standing at attention in the red and gold uniform coat and tall bearskin cap you can feel free to march wherever you need to go at your own free will. You don’t even have to ask the Queen’s permission. The only thing that would make this costume better? Free access to a pack of royal corgis, now that’s the life!

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