Men’s Safari Hunter Plus Size Costume

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Ahh, a safari! Doesn’t that sound quite wonderful and relaxing, just hunting big game in the African veldt? It’s just you and nature. There’s nothing standing between you and that sun… that’s blistering hot in the afternoon sky. 12,000 lb. elephant… which are known for their giant tusks and turbulent tempers when encroaching upon the herd. There’s nothing between you and that majestic lion… who hasn’t eaten dinner in a few days and has razor sharp claws with a run speed of nearly 50 miles per hour.On second thought, a safari sounds awfully dangerous! Perhaps it’s better to stay in the comfort of your own home town while wearing this Safari Hunter costume. It’s a plus size version of our classic Safari costume, which is perfect for when you want to look like Teddy Roosevelt on a safari, but have no intention of booking a plane ticket to the middle of nowhere just to have dangerous animals try to kill you.The costume includes a vest that looks like something out of the closet of Dr. Livingstone. It has decorative buttons in front and a matching pair of pants. A snazzy ascot is included, since you still want to keep a sense of high style when you’re exploring your neighborhood. The gloves, helmet and goggles are also included to round out the look. When you’re all dressed up in this ensemble you’ll be ready to turn your normal trip to the grocery store into a full blown expedition!

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