Men’s Scary Ringmaster Costume

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Coming to a Porch Near YouThat discount circus on the edge of town was creepy. You gave it a horrible review online. Everything seemed off! The clown’s smiles seemed cruel. The acrobatics were jerky and zombie-like. And if you never saw that eerie ringmaster again, it would be too soon. He seemed unhinged. His mood swung from manically happy to horribly mad. The entire audience felt captivated by his performance, and not in a good way. Who knows, your review may have been the reason people stopped supporting that awful show. The circus had packed up and left two days ago. Good riddance, right?But, wait! What was that? Footsteps? Is one of your neighbors playing organ music? Shh! There’s definitely someone at your door. Someone who wants to give you a backstage pass to the show of a lifetime!Design & DetailsThis Made By Us scary ringmaster is not a character that you’d want showing up at your door late at night, which makes it just the type of costume you’d want showing up before Halloween! Our in-house designers put this high-quality look together for your spooky entertainment. It features a velvet tailcoat with embroidery around the collar and cuffs. The attached vest panels have a vintage stripe pattern while the ruffled shirt front will make you feel like you’re straight out of a twisted Victorian circus. The look is ready for showtime with black pants trimmed with piping and a dapper top hat!That’s the ticketAre you ready to take on the most important role in your demented circus? While the lush fringe and velvet of this costume will make you feel like a star, you don’t have to run the show alone! Pair up with all sorts of characters from lion tamers to clowns and you’ll have a group costume that no one will forget!

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