Men’s Suitmeister Tropical Suit Costume

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VACATION AT WORK?If you’re like us, you have the luxury of every single day at work basically being a vacation. Perhaps it is because you just had a dimensional vortex installed on the ceiling to replace your office’s fluorescent lighting with clean warm light from the Golden Realm. Maybe it is the fact that your message and delivery department has been replaced by puppers and doggos who’ve been trying to tell us all for years that they just want to be mail carriers, not eat them! Of course, the breakroom being converted into a fully functional resort cafe is probably the biggest part, right? You love heading back there for fresh fruit smoothies and a comfy dip in the tropically-heated pool before heading back to the grindstone! Wait, are you saying your tropical relaxation spa hasn’t finished construction at the office yet? Well, that just won’t stand! We’ve gotta come up with a way to help you channel the tropical breeze while finishing up the job.PRODUCT DETAILSThat’s where this fantastic Tropical Suitmeister Suit can solve all problems, everywhere! This suit is fully lined and comfortable, including a two-button jacket with ornamental pocket flaps, pants with a zipper fly and elastic fitting, and of course a professional tie. But, the whole thing has a tropical flavor that will have you feeling incredibly cool! Like flamingos and palm tree leaves giving you that perfect bliss of a vacation? Well, you can have it all day long with this fantastic suit! BRING THE BEACH TO YOUWhen you’re too far from the ocean’s wave and need that breath of fresh, vacation air, this Tropical-themed Suit costume is just the thing to bring it to you. And, the best part is that it will probably inspire everyone else to want a vacation, too, so you’ll almost certainly be off to the beach for real in no time.

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