Mens Western Sheriff Costume

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Lately, a mighty crime wave has been sweeping through yer homestead. Your roommate’s been stealing the last of the milk every darned week, while your other roommate’s been busy chomping through your ice cream in the middle of the night…and he doesn’t replace it. They’re both found regularly wearing your socks and the last time either of them bought toilet paper was…wait, they’ve never done that. We won’t even get you started on who’s been doing most of the cleaning-the injustice is criminal!Don’t let a bunch of lawbreakers take over your abode; it’s time to show those cowboys who’s the boss ’round these parts. Wyatt Earp would call up Doc Holiday and gather up a posse to take them down if he were in charge. We, however, recommend coming out to breakfast tomorrow wearing this full Men’s Western Sheriff Costume to intimidate those bandits. It seems like the most sensible option you have. They’ll surely scatter at the sight of your silver sheriff badge (the guilty ones always run, don’t they?). We have a feeling things will shape up pretty quickly once they realize they’re living with the law.And there will be no mistaking it: the black faux-suede duster jacket practically screams authority, as does the silver-buttoned vest and the sleek pants you’ve chosen to pair with it. This suit’s dickie boasts a red bow tie for a totally powerful period piece. Just top this ensemble with the appropriate props and we think a mighty change is bound to roll down yer hallway like a tumbleweed in the dry desert wind.

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