Mile High Men’s Pilot Costume

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30,000 Feet in the AirDon’t get the wrong idea with the name of this costume. Pilots are a mile in the air, all the time…well…it’s actually closer to six miles. That altitude is important. It keeps drag to a minimum while achieving safe maximum engine output, despite less-than-optimal conditions…we know you’re not here for a physics lesson. Sorry. Planes are just so awesome, we can get carried away. And in this Mr. Mile High Costume, we don’t think you’ll have a problem carrying over that amazing aura into whatever activities you partake in.Seriously, everyone knows pilots are insanely cool. They fly massive pieces of metal through the air all day long. They’re cool under pressure, they get to travel all over the world, and they get to be called “Captain.” Of course you want this costume-why wouldn’t you try to look like an elite member of the most impressive profession there is? You would! It was made for you!Fun DetailsThis great costume looks fly as you strut into a party! The black jacket has gold buttons down the front and pockets on both sides. The all-important pilot wings patch is on the right side of the jacket, and fancy gold stripes line the sleeve cuffs. The shirt collar comes with an attached tie and secures around the neck. Also included is an adjustable pilot hat (because what kind of pilot doesn’t have a perfect hat?). Finally, don’t forget the name tag. It pins onto the jacket and reads, “Mile High Pilot Hugh Jorgan.” Naturally.The Right IdeaOk, so maybe you had the right idea about the name of this costume, and we’re just the nerds thinking about the science of flight. Either way, we can all agree that you’re going to look stellar in this outfit. Just don’t forget-a “mile high” is not exactly accurate, no matter what you do up there!

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