Mile High Pilot Adult Costume

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Claim the Skies There aren’t too many occupations that command a ton of respect, just by walking through the halls on your way to work. Doctors often get it, but people also find them a little scary. (Plus, they don’t really have cool uniforms.) Police officers have great uniforms, but folks still get worried that cops are only showing up to give them speeding tickets. Of course, when you’re an airline pilot, you not only have a great looking outfit and channel some seriously sexy energy, but you have full license to go very fast through the skies! Naturally, the pilot is the profession many of us would love to dive into. In fact, rumors are that there is a whole club of folks that just love the idea of flying a mile high and staying up and active for hours at a time. We can’t blame them. Who wouldn’t want to make their clubhouse able to fly? If you’re ready to take to the clouds, look no further! Design & DetailsIt is time to earn your wings (or at least look like you did) with this Mile High Pilot costume. This uniform costume is a convincing looking ensemble that gives you the black jacket of an Airline Pilot. The bright accents on the cuffs and lapels look like the wing pin of a pilot and your name badge. Top things off with your official-looking hat (bearing the same wing icon) and you’re ready to hit the runway. Captain of the ClubEvery organization needs a leader. One who can find true north and fly us all to success! When you wear this Mile High Pilot costume, you become that epic individual. All you need to decide is what your Sky High Soiree will do for entertainment. (We recommend karaoke!)

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