Minecraft Prestige Creeper Costume

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Explosive PersonalityThe Creeper (the crazy-looking green dude from Minecraft), is one of the most misunderstood characters in all of video gaming. He’s really just a bright creature who gets really excited about architecture and things that you’ve built. Unfortunately, his insides are made of explosives and any time he gets a little too excited, he tends to explode. It’s not his fault he’s packed full of TNT and explodes when he gets even a little bit excited! And you can’t fault a creature for the way he was created.Do you have a similar problem as the Minecraft character? Do you have an excitable and, frankly, explosive personality? Do you look really great in the color green? Do you get really enthusiastic about things that other people have built? Maybe you’re a little more like the Creeper from Minecraft than you think. Maybe it’s time you expressed your inner Creeper (minus the whole explosives thing.). All you need is this prestige Creeper costume for adults and your fiery personalityProduct DetailsNow it’s your chance to become the green menace when you wear this Minecraft Creeper costume. The adult sized costume has a green foam top designed to recreate the look of the Creeper. It even has pixelated squares on the front for added effect. It also has matching pants, with boxy-shaped boot tops. The finishing piece to this outfit is the headpiece, which has a square shape and pixelated details. The only thing not included with this costume is explosives!Don’t Blow UpOnce you put this costume on you’ll be ready to explode onto the scene (figuratively, not literally of course). You can make some new friends and show the world that not all Creepers are walking creatures of destruction! Say hi to Steve and Alex for us.

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