Minions Plus Size Minions Costume for Men

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The Secret WeaponWhat do Dracula, Napoleon, and even the mighty T-Rex have in common? They all share a famous task force – the Minions! Since the dawn of time, these little yellow beings have sought to serve the greatest villains in the world, and they’re (mostly) very good at what they do. Besides having an amazing knowledge of mechanics, they also have one more superpower to reckon with: They are utterly adorable. No one expects the cute munchkins to steal the moon! Product DetailsCause all kinds of mayhem while wearing your officially licensed, exclusive Minions Plus Size Men’s Minion Costume! The one-piece outfit is designed to look like a shirt worn under a pair of Minion overalls. The sleeves, chest, and collar are yellow like the Minions’ skin, while the overall portion is a deep denim blue. Buttons embellish the faux shoulder straps, and Gru’s symbol is printed on a faux pocket in the center of the chest. To complete your look, put on the yellow cap with its faux hair and goggles! Now Hiring! Gru’s secret lair sounds like a pretty great place to work. You get to experiment with all kinds of cool gadgets (watch out for Dr. Nefario’s fart gun), and the break rooms are filled with an endless supply of bananas for when you get hungry. A word to the wise: If anyone asks if you’d like to test out a serum for flying, say no. You might end up sailing past the moon instead of stealing it.

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