Mischievous Mad Hatter Girl’s Costume

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The Host with the HatWho knew that tea time could be so much fun? We usually think a tea party is going to be pretty low-key. You know, dry scones, conversation about the weather, a pot of hot liquid that tastes like stewed leaves. But when we went to Wonderland, our minds were blown! We became tea-time converts. The conversations we had were wild, making us think in riddles for days. And the outfits everyone wore were magnificent. Sure, we didn’t get even a cup of tea but we wouldn’t have wanted any in any case. After all, there was a dormouse sleeping in the teapot. Who was the mastermind behind this wild event? Why, it was the Mad Hatter, of course! Radiating energy, style, and strangeness, he had to be the most interesting host we’ve ever met! Does your kiddo want to become one of the best in the tea party business? She’s gotta start with a wild hat and see where she goes from there!Design & DetailsThis exclusive Made By Us Mad Hatter costume is bright, quirky, and ready for a wild tea party! Designed by our in-house creative team, this Wonderland costume features a fit and flare dress that’s… what else… tea-length. An attached short-sleeved coat trimmed in brocade edging is layered over top. The bodice of the dress is pleated and paired with a flowered bowtie. Topped off with a matching blue top hat with the famous 10/6 price tag near the brim, your child will be ready to become the ultimate wild tea party host as soon as this costume arrives!Hatters Gonna HatAre you coming up with a group costume for an upcoming event? Lucky for you, it’s always easy to see who’s going to make the best Mad Hatter. It’s something in the eyes. Purchase this lovely Wonderland costume today and your child will have plenty of time to prepare their wild tea party hosting skills!

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