MLP Movie Toddler/Kid Sunny Starscout Girl’s Costume

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Yay or NeighSometimes, it pays to move with speed and surety! If you have to get somewhere quick and you don’t have time to dally, then it might be worth it to kick things into high gear and get going. Sunny’s favorite hobby, roller skating, is funnest when it is fast!ON the other hand, sometimes stopping and thinking about what you will do makes a world of difference. When Sunny is making smoothies, she has to make sure she gets all the ingredients just right, or else the smoothies don’t end up tasting very good at all!The trick is to be like Sunny, and always know when to go fast and when to go slow.Hold Your Horses!Whatever you have to go through, you will look great in this MLP Movie Toddler/Child Sunny Starscout Costume. The dress has all the right colors that Sunny has in the movie, as well as a picture of Sunny herself printed on it! The ruffles and frills of the dress are the perfect way to make you look as pretty as you will feel. The wig and ears will make you feel like prancing around in the sun, even if you do it on two legs instead of four!Confident and StableIf you are looking for the perfect My Little Pony Sunny Starscout costume for your child, then you are in the right place. This costume has all the colors and details from the show that will make your child feel just as magical and awesome as Sunny. They will evince the confidence and majesty of Sunny when they run around in this costume!

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