Monsters Inc. Adult Women’s Celia Costume

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Monster Career MovesAny receptionist of a large company will tell you that they run into a lot of monsters at the front desk. And while the human type of monster might only include entitled clients, thoughtless higher-ups, and overlooked lunch hour here and there, Celia’s job as receptionist at Monsters, Inc. is certainly no exception.Some serious slimy characters are always interrupting her work. Then there are fuzzy, shaggy, spikey, and even a few literally shady characters, too. (You get the picture, right?) Are you ready to take on the monsters of the working world? You will be once this Celia costume arrives! Just remember that when things get weird, a little human escapee is usually to blame!Fun DetailsThis licensed Celia costume from Monsters Inc is seriously glam by monster standards. It features Celia’s scale pattern dress with a faux fur collar that’s perfect for manning the front desk. The monster look is seamless with purple sleeves with mitts that fold over your human hands in a flash and boot covers that disguise your human feet.The subtly striped purple leggings have stuffed tentacles at the ends for an unmistakable monstrous silhouette. Topped off with a headdress that features Celia’s snake hair and glamorous eye, this costume is sure to keep your fellow monsters on their toes!Fun IdeasIf you really want to rise to the occasion, look no further than the rest of our Monsters, Inc. costumes. Team up with Sulley, Mike, and even everyone’s favorite little giggling human and you’ll have the ultimate group look out there. Light up the night with smiles and tell a new chapter of this beloved Disney and Pixar story!

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