Mouse Dress Girl’s Costume

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Three Cheers for Mice! Mice are underrated cuties. Sure, kittens and puppies get a lot of well-deserved attention, but do you know what else are soft, fuzzy, and make the sweetest little squeaks? Mice! Also, they love cheese. So, so much. Anyone who would risk a trap for a nice piece of Cheddar or Swiss is all right in our book. The list of great things about mice goes on: Wiggly ears. Fetching whiskers. Tiny paws. Books and movies are filled with brave and loyal mice, from Stuart Little and Ralph S. Mouse, to Mrs. Frisby and Poppy and Rye. If you’re looking for someone to stick by you through thick and thin, get you out of tight spots, or just bring you a wedge of good Stilton when you’re feeling especially low, you want to make friends with a mouse! Product Details Cute, smart, and sweet – these words describe mice, but we bet that you can also think of another special someone who also fits the bill! This exclusive Mouse Dress Costume for Girls perfectly fits your little one’s spunky nature. She’ll squeak with excitement when she sees the soft velour dress with its knee-length skirt and furry collar. The swingy tail attached to the back is a sprightly touch. For extra “Aww!” factor, add the headband with its two fuzzy ears and perky pink-and-gray-dotted bow. The Big Cheese No hiding in mouseholes anymore – it’s time to step into the spotlight! Your little one will show the world how amazing mice truly are, and how darling she is inside and out. Although, honestly, people have probably already noticed that about her!

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