Narwahl Adult Onesie Costume

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The Coolest Animal on the PlanetYou know what’s awesome? NARWHALS. Narwhals are the only possible answer to that question! Seriously, how amazing is it that they exist! They’re basically adorable little whales with unicorn horns on their noses. Okay sure, those horns are technically tusks, but we prefer to think of them as the Unicorns of the Sea. Sailors probably thought that they were getting a visit from magical beings when they first saw these amazing animals cruising alongside their ships and you know what? They weren’t wrong!Usually, narwhals prefer to swim and splash in the frigid waters around Canada, Greenland, and Russia, but sometimes they like to put in a guest appearance at costume parties and other fun gatherings where they are always a huge hit. No matter how snoreish the soiree, a narwhal’s appearance always livens things up. No wonder their nickname is “MVP” for Most Valuable Partier! Product Details Make an epic splash by dressing up as a narwhal for your next party! This exclusive is adorable AND comfortable, which is the ultimate win-win situation. The snuggly jumpsuit zips up the front and has soft ribbed cuffs on both the wrist and ankle openings. You’ll feel like you’re wearing your favorite pair of pajamas. The hood has sewn-on cute black peepers and a narwhal horn complete with gold-stitched swirl detail. We think you’ll also love the sweet little tail sewn to the seat. Perfect PorpoiseWhy visit an aquarium to see a narwhal when you can fulfill a lifelong dream and be one yourself? This original look will gain you more compliments than you’ll know what to do with. You’ll be sure to make waves!

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