Ninja Assassin Costume for Men

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Reveal the TruthImagine your friends’ surprise when you reveal to them the truth. All these years, you’ve been moonlighting as a mild-mannered member of regular society, but secretly you’re the greatest ninja warrior that ever lived!You slay evil with your powerful martial arts moves. You sneak through the shadows like some kind of sleek black panther. You constantly mess with pirates, just to make sure they know that they could never win a fight against you!But how will your friends ever believe you when you reveal your true identity as a ninja to them? You can’t just tell them while wearing your jeans and a t-shirt. You must have the ultimate ninja outfit. You must wear this Ninja Assassin costume!Design & DetailsThis exclusive outfit gives you the full shinobi experience. The costume comes with a black shirt and pant set, perfect for hiding in the shadows. It also comes with faux leather leg guards, arm gauntlets and a belt. It even includes a chest harness, which you can use to carry all of your elite ninja gear, like shuriken, kunai and nunchaku. And it also comes with a face mask. When you put on the mask, your enemies will never be able to tell just who their foe is!Secret IdentityWe’ll be honest, wearing the mask does pose a problem if you plan on revealing your secret life as a ninja to your friends. We suggest doing a dramatic unmasking to show them your true power! Just make sure you pick up a few of our ninja weapon accessories to go with it. You won’t want to be caught defenseless if a pirate shows up to pick a fight with you!

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