Ninja Warrior Girl’s Costume

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The Art of StealthDoes your girl have an unusual aptitude for sneaking? Can she creep up on you without you hearing a single peep? Like one second, you’re just doing something in the kitchen, and then out of nowhere, your child pops up next to you, nearly giving you a heart attack. She probably just wants a snack, but her sneak skills seem to be at max level.Well, perhaps it’s time put those shinobi skills to good use! Just think about it! You could totally start training your child in the secret art of the ninja. Then, you’d have your own personal ninja in the family for secret missions and special espionage endeavors! All she needs is a good teacher and a super-awesome ninja outfit to get her started. We can help out with the ninja gear if you can become her ninja teacher (we think that you’re up to the task).Product DetailsThis Girl’s Ninja Warrior Costume will transform your child into a true ninja warrior! The costume comes with a black jumpsuit that’s perfect for sneaking missions. Red ties around the arms and legs add a pop of daring color to the look and the sash around the waist has a yin and yang symbol that hangs down from the center. Of course, every ninja needs to hide their identity from their enemies, so this comes with a hood and mask combination! Put it all together and you have an outstanding outfit that’s perfect for any young ninja-in-training!Ninja ToolsOnce your girl is all dressed up in this Girl’s Ninja Warrior Costume, she’ll be ready for her first ninja mission! Just make sure you check out all of our toy ninja weapons, since she’s bound to need a few ninja tools to accompany her new look!

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