Nintendo Pokémon Adult Poké Ball Classic Costume

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The Pinnacle of Pokémon TechEveryone wants to talk about Pokémon. It’s always “Pikachu this” and “Squirtle that” but we want to know why more people aren’t talking about Poké balls. Aren’t they amazing? Poké balls are the unsung heroes of the Pokémon world. Just think about it for a second. The entire Pokémon world revolves around the capture, care, and competition of Pokémon… all of which is completely impossible without the use of the technological masterpiece that is known as the Poké ball! You can even comfortably house a Snorlax inside one of these things! Simply toss it onto the field and you’re ready to collect a brand new Pokémon, or toss it out during a battle with another trainer and you’re ready to rumble! And yet, no one is talking about it because Pikachu is just so dang adorable!Well, if you’re as amazed as we are about the humble Poké ball, then perhaps you’re ready to cosplay as the most important piece of technology in the world of Pokémon.Product DetailsThis officially licensed Pokémon Poké ball Classic Costume transforms you into the iconic ball from the video games and anime series. It comes with a simple polyfoam tunic that fits overhead! Just slip it on and you’re done. You can wear it over your normal clothes, or go to the next level and dress up like a Pokémon underneath. The tunic features a Poké ball graphic on both sides and fits with waist straps for additional fitting.It’s Voltorb!This costume is great for Poké ball enthusiasts, like us, but it also has a secret, big brain mode! You can use this simple costume to craft your own Voltorb cosplay outfit! That’s right, all you Voltorb fans can stop dreaming about dressing up as Voltorb and start dressing up like your favorite Pokémon!

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