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Nun the WiserNuns are wise ladies with a deep connection both spiritually and historically to the church. No one would argue that nuns don’t have personality, whether they’re the kind nuns helping those less fortunate than them, or if they’re diligently praying in church. If your child is dressing up as a nun for a unique costume or for a church play you’ll find this ensemble is the most picturesque version of what nuns wear.If your child knows her catechism like the back of her hand and flies through the mysteries of the rosary like the wind then you know your child is ready to put on the robes of a nun, at least for playing pretend. This iconic outfit will help her picture nursing the sick back to health on the streets of Calcutta, or up there in the choir loft, keeping time to the divine beat, or quietly weeding in the convent gardens.When your child puts on her nun costume she will be one step closer to the biggest and oldest sorority on earth. While she’s running around in her holy garb you will be able to imagine her with the likes of Mother Teresa. No matter if she’s going on stage for a play or just playing dress-up, this costume will make your child an emblem of virtue.

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