Oktoberfest Decoration – Hanging Column Decoration (36″)

33,00 kr.

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Oktoberfest Cascade Decoration – 36″ deep A spectacular Oktoberfest metallic hanging column decoration. This is a great decoration for giving your Oktoberfest party area an instant lift. With metallic tinsel strands in varying lengths and a very definite drinking culture theme with the bier-steins all the way round this will light up your buffet table if hung above or at either end. As you would imagine, the colours of the metallic foil tinsels are blue and silver being very close to the blue and white colours traditional to the Munich Oktoberfest celebrations.across. At 36″ in depth, this is a substantial piece and will give any party area an immediate lift. Typical Oktoberfest decorations. Oktoberfest Cascade Decoration If you can’t add this product to your basket, please contact us for restocking information.

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