Old Man/Gramps Costume Eyebrows

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Expressive EyebrowsIt seems to be generally accepted that your eyes are one of the most expressive parts of your body. There certainly is a lot you can say with them! Rolling your eyes, fluttering your eyelashes, or raising your eyebrows at someone all convey a lot of meaning without having to say any words at all. So you’ll want to make sure that when you’re becoming a character, you try to imitate their eyebrows as part of your accessories or makeup. When you dress as an old man, there’s nothing better than full, thick, gray eyebrows to help round out the look of your character. And if you don’t want to spend hours drawing them in with a gray makeup pencil, we have just the thing for you!Product DetailsThese Gramps Eyebrows are just what you need whenever you want to act like an old man. You could be curmudgeonly or kindly, but either way, you’ll want nice bushy eyebrows to express it! This set is made of polyester (no grandfathers were harmed to make it) and includes the adhesive you’ll need for an easy transformation. Add these to your costume wardrobe so you can age up any time you need to!

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