OppoSuits Mr. Pink Summer Suit Men’s Costume

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Pink gets a pretty bad rap if you think about it. Somehow we’ve narrowed it down to the girly girls. If someone is having a newborn baby girl, people buy her pink stuff. Just think about all the different shades of pink you might have seen on the latest super spoiled girls reality show. Pink purses, pink cars, pink clothes.But the truth is, pink is better than that. Pink is vibrant and expressive and fun. Pink is the color of comfort and style. Pink is bubblegum and beach trips and summer. It’s not quite formal enough to be red, but not too bland that it fades away into the background. Pink is a multi-dimensional color, and deserves to be treated that way. And harsh as it sounds, sometimes you’ll get picked on for wearing pink. If you take the chance and let your pink flag fly, people might have a hard time looking past the bold choice and seeing it for what it is. (Really, we think they’re probably just jealous they’re not wearing it themselves.)So here’s your chance to wear this awesome shade in an outfit that does the color justice. The ensemble is made up of a 100% polyester poplin and satin fabric short-sleeved jacket (two buttons at center and two side pockets) and cuffed shorts with zipper fly (the shorts have pockets at the hip). There’s a self-tying necktie (because the coolest dudes tie their own ties), and the outfit can be completed by adding one of our top hats and canes. Make the bold choice at your next party and put on some pink!

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