OppoSuits Stars & Stripes Summer Suit Men’s Costume

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A lot of people wonder if there’s ever going to be a 51st star on that flag. But we don’t wonder. We know there’s a 51st star – and it’s you, young American, when you let OppoSuits help you celebrate the most patriotic holiday of the year. The company known for those sometimes outrageous, often larger than life, but always stylish suits is now lending its creativity to the 4th of July and the old red, white, and blue. This awesome getup will let you prove to the world that Independence Day fashion doesn’t have to be the same old tank-tops and grandpa t-shirts anymore. So show your patriotic pride with this Opposuits Stars & Stripes Summer Suit!If you want to celebrate the 4th with a sense of style (and a bit a novelty humor as well), there’s no better choice than this dapper outfit from OppoSuits. Like all their fine wares, it’s chic but tongue-in-cheek, and superbly well designed but not ordinary in the least. in other words, this ain’t your dad’s suit. And since you’ll be wearing it at the height of summer, you’ll be able to stay cool thanks to the shorts and a unique short-sleeved jacket. And there’s no mistaking the theme with the print on said jacket (the stars) and the pattern on the tie (the stripes).In this incredible outfit, you’ll be a one-man fireworks show of patriotism in a uniquely American way. So get in the Spirit of ’76 this year with the Opposuits Stars & Stripes Summer Suit!

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