Orange Tuxedo Costume for Men

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Ditch the Drab DudsIt is a black-tie affair. Boy, aren’t those words just exciting? “Affair” immediately brings to mind the sound of an event where there are going to be a lot of rules. People are going to judge you, even if you do everything perfectly. Even if that goes well, you’re there for a specific reason, so there’s no chance for any more excitement. The “tie” already tells you that you might feel just a hint restrained, choked at the neck and all. Who has fun while being strangled? And, don’t get us wrong. Black is great for a lot of things. It is perfect for those spooky moments where you want to be a monster hiding in the darkness, ready to pounce. It’s the go-to for a gothic look, whether you’re a spectre haunting the graves or a lonely demon watching over your cursed flock. It’s an ideal accent to bring out the shine of any kind of color, too. But… for a party? C’mon. It isn’t even technically a color; it’s as dull as white and that is only good for weddings!Design & DetailsIt’s time to bring some life to this moment! Garb yourself in the brilliant shades of orange that can only exist in this exclusive Orange Tux costume. We went all the way (probably a little too far, actually) to make all of your so-called black-tie affairs be just a bit brighter thanks to a splash-and-a-half of color. It includes a tuxedo jacket, pants with pockets and a satin stripe, a ruffle-front shirt, and an adjustable cummerbund and bowtie. Shine Like the Sun!There’s nothing like the confidence that comes from just giving in to what makes you smile. Plus, even if you do get a few disapproving headshakes from your brilliant Orange Tuxedo, you’ll definitely be getting more grins!

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