Parrot Mascot Costume for Adults

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Polly Wants a CostumeImagine the indigenous people who first encountered the parrot. There they are, whacking their way through the underbrush of a tangled jungle, maybe cursing a little, when all of a sudden they hear their curses echoed back in a squawky little voice. They look around, panicked – is it a ghost? An enemy? But there’s nothing nearby but this colorful bird shifting back and forth on its branch before calling them an unprintable word. And that’s when humans’ love-hate relationship with parrots began: Love, because who doesn’t love a pet that can talk back? Hate because, well, sometimes having a pet that talks back is kind of terrible depending on what it learned to say. Product DetailsBe the sassiest bird around when you wear this exclusive Parrot Mascot Adult Costume! The one-piece jumpsuit zips up the back and fits over lightweight street clothes. Its fuzzy red and white faux fur is even softer than bird feathers, and the suit’s wing-shaped sleeves with aqua trim are super fun to flap. The slippers are shaped like parrot feet and have anti-skid material on the outer soles. The hood/mask features a parrot’s colorful accent feathers and viewing ports so you can see where you’re flying. An opening in the yellow beak provides a breathing port as well. Squawk! What words can you say over and over in your best parrot voice? “Great party!” is always a winner. So is “Happy Halloween!” Remind everyone that parrots are natural mimics – so hopefully they don’t say anything around you that they wouldn’t want to hear again!

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