People Eater Kid’s Dino Costume

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Make PrehistoryYour child is something of a prodigy, aren’t they? They hit every significant milestone early on. They walked by 9 months. They were speaking full sentences at a year and a half…and don’t even get us started on how easy it was to potty train them!It’s no surprise, then, that your kiddo has entered a very important phase of human development well before their peers: the ability to appreciate a humorous Halloween costume! Young kids are very literal when it comes to Halloween. They want to be a lion. Or a train conductor. Or a pirate. But there comes an age-a milestone that is very dear to our heart-when a child can begin to appreciate an ironic or funny outfit…and your little one hit it when they asked for this Kid’s People Eater Dino Costume! It’s a humorous take on a dinosaur costume that’s still easy to wear and even easier to love. Congrats on having the coolest kid on the block.Product DetailsThis clever costume creates a dramatic illusion but maintains the simplicity of wearing a jumpsuit. The piece zips up the back for easy-on, easy-off wear, and the headpiece attaches separately. The adjustable shoulder straps keep the costume in place and create a good fit for your child, so they spend Halloween hauling in candy rather than messing with their costume. More for them to share!Jurassic SnackWe know it may be slightly hard for you to see your precious little one walking around like a dino snack, but rest assured that you’ll find the humor in it soon enough. And you can enjoy seeing them shine as the bright, funny individual they are. Plus, we hear child prodigy is a delicacy for dinos. Yum!

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