Pet Action Hero Dog Costume

220,00 kr.

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Woof if you Want to Live!The world is a barking dangerous place! There are all those whirring vehicles running down the street. There’s that person that keeps coming every day on a regular schedule. (Who needs to visit all these houses practically every day!?) And, of course, there is the most villainous critter on four legs: the cat! Fortunately for us humans, we’ve got a furry friend who has their snoot to the ground, keeping their ears open for trouble. And, when it comes? Well, gearing up to save the day is just one woof away! Product DetailsTeam up for an action-adventure that will have you panting with this Action Hero Costume for pets. This is a stuffed suit that fits around your pup’s neck and legs. Its printing gives your woofer a rugged military rogue look while the wild wig fastens with elastic to complete the transformation. Throw your favorite toys to bring the jungle to life or play out your other favorite action hero movies when you go for walkies! We’ll be Bark!The best part about going on an adventure with your fluffy action hero is that when you toss a ball, stick, or squeaky grenade, they’re sure to come rushing right back to you! That’s why we encourage you only use prop weaponry while training your four-legged friend for their future films!

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