Pick Me Up Zombie Hunter Inflatable Adult Costume

377,00 kr.

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The Trouble with ZombiesIt’s just a risk of running around on Halloween. Sometimes a zombie is going to chase after you. Typically it isn’t that big of a deal. You jog an extra block and they will usually just get lost along the way, growling about “Braaaains” and “Where did that guy goooo!?” But, occasionally, they get the clever idea of climbing up on top of something and jumping down on you while you’re walking on by! (We suppose that is what happens when they actually get those Braaaains they’ve been asking about.) Oh, well. What is someone to do about raining zombies!? Product Details Actually, it turns out that you can pull a pretty convincing trick to dodge all the danger! Just climb into this Pick Me Up Zombie Hunter Inflatable costume! When you slip yourself into this inflatable jumpsuit and turn on the interior fan, in no time, you’ll be transformed into a wandering hunter and your own head will serve as the vicious zombie! Dress yourself up in the right kind of makeup and frizzled hair and every wandering zombie on the street will see that this Human is already being snacked upon and go off to find their own dinner. Not only are you secure from the undead but you’ve got one heck of a costume while you’re at it! Winner, winner, brainy dinner! (Wait-are you hunting brains now!?)

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