Pilgrim Costume for Girls

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BEING A PILGRIMBeing a pilgrim would be scary. Not the kind of scary that makes for a great horror movie, obviously, but the kind of scary that requires a big leap of faith to overcome. Just think about it. They traveled over the Atlantic ocean to the Americas. But back then, they wouldn’t have been pulling up to a nice developed city. They were pulling up to the great unknown. A new continent, totally unseen by the Europeans. When they got here, they were totally on their own. Everyone they once knew was an ocean away, and they wouldn’t be able to help them anytime soon. If they had any issues once they got there, they were the only ones that could deal with them. What if they ran out of food? What if they were attacked by wild animals? What if everyone got sick? They had to be the solution to all of these daunting problems. FUN DETAILSThis costume will have you ready to make a pilgrimage of your own! You’ll be wearing a long black dress, with Hook and Loop fastener on the back of the neck to hold it in place. The dress has white cuffs and a white collar, which go perfectly with the white apron! The apron comes attached to the dress and has a ruffled lower edge. We’ve also included the hat. The hat has elastic on the back and ties under the chin. This combination of dress and hat makes for an easily recognizable combination that looks like it came right out of the history book!PILGRIMSWhen you begin your pilgrimage, it’s important that you do a good job packing. We’d hate to see you get halfway into your journey and then realize you forgot your phone charger. So check your packing, then check it again! And make sure you don’t forget to have fun!

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